Couple Dancing Tips For Beginners

There are somethings to always keep in mind when dancing, the following are some quick reminders of what to do and not do when doing what you love; dancing.

Don’t take it way too seriously
Dancing is an art, and yes to master it you do need to focus on what you learn but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Dancing is all about having fun, don’t take it as a competition and if the guy next to you is way better than you are, he might have been doing this for years and you are still a beginner, more is yet to come. So enjoy while you’re at it.

Be confident
This is something everyone who takes salsa dancing lessons Melbourne should keep note of. Even if you are a beginner, show that you are passionate in dancing. Don’t be shy to take your partner’s hand, the many a times you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get. So smile, introduce yourself and act natural, the rest will flow with in you.

The man leads
When it comes to couple dances, like latin dancing lessons Melbourne, it is always the man who leads. And of course if you are the guy, always remember, be gentle but firm. But if both you and your partner are in equal levels, you can work out your mistakes together and improve together as well.

Keep eye contact
When you are dancing with your partner, never ever dance staring at your feet. Yes, it is hard to begin with, but practice makes you perfect. If you see another person dancing looking at his feet, you’ll realize how silly it looks, So have your back straight and head up; looking straight into your partner’s eyes.

One of the main things you need to work on is communicating. If you are going to dance together, you need to introduce yourself and once you do, you will actually feel a bit more comfortable with your partner.

Help each other out
Dancing is a very social activity, and as you improve help and support those who seems to need it. Not only is it a good deed but it also helps up boost up your self-esteem.

No professional dancer got there by luck, they all trained day and night and gave out there maximum. Like I said before, practice makes you perfect. So keep on practicing until you get that move right, cause believe it or not, you’ll be gaining much more than that move from practicing. For more information, please click here.