Helpful Tips For Parents Planning A Sweet 16th Birthday Party

There are some girls who dream about their wedding from a young age. But then there are those that dream about their sweet 16th birthday party. For these girls, this event is as important as their wedding day. Therefore when their birthday nears they would want their parents to throw them a birthday party. But this can be an overwhelming task for parents. That is because they won’t even know how to begin this task.

Create a Budget

We know that you want your teenager to have an awesome birthday. Therefore that is why you won’t think twice about saying yes to a mirror photo booth Sydney. But you also need to understand that you cannot spend a fortune on this event. That is because your teenager needs to understand that they cannot always get what they want. Furthermore, they also need to understand the importance of money. Thus, that is why you need to have a budget. This way she would understand that she can’t have everything. For instance, if she gets a photo booth hire she may not be able to get a band.

Create a Guest List

There are some teenagers who only want to invite their closest friends. But then there are those who want to invite their entire school. But you need to make them understand that more people the more costly the party would be. Therefore before you make any decisions decide how many people the teenager wants to invite. That is because even the venue would depend on the size of the guest list. Visit for wedding prop hire in Sydney.


Every teenager wants to have a huge birthday party for their birthday. But this is not always possible. That is because parents are unlikely to send their children to a party held on a weekday. Therefore that is why we recommend you to find a date that falls on the weekend. Furthermore, it would also be impossible to find a date if the birthday is near Christmas. That is because everyone would already be busy with seasonal parties. In that case, you should try to host the part before the seasonal events begin. This way you would not have to compete with Christmas dinners and office parties.


You may have initially thought that you can prepare everything for the party by yourself. But this really depends on the number of people that you are inviting. That is because if you are having 20 or 30 guests it is difficult to prepare food for everyone. Then, in that case, it would be easier to get everything catered. Planning a sweet 16th can seem challenging. But with the help of this article, you can streamline the process.